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Calm, Clear, & Confident.

What is a Life Well Led?
I believe it’s about living a happy and fulfilling life that leaves a positive impact on everyone around us and is a product of applying good leadership skills to everything that we do.

Can you imagine a world where every one of us is actively supporting everyone else to be the best versions of themselves?
James White
Founder, Life Well Led

How Can I Help You?

It is not an exaggeration to say that just about EVERY business failure is due in some part to its leadership – with the possible exception of unpredictable, catastrophic events. Leaders are responsible for the strategic planning, crisis response, and day-to-day decision-making that makes or breaks a company. But stepping into a leadership role can be intimidating and overwhelming, frequently leads to overwork and stress, and often causes leaders to be reactive instead of proactive.

 As a leadership specialist, and from my own experiences, I know that before we can lead others effectively, we must be able to lead ourselves. When I was an airline pilot and flight instructor, one of the most important things I learned was to “put your own mask on first” – we simply can’t help anyone else if we haven’t taken care of our own basic needs first. 

This is where I come in – I help leaders get CALM and CLEAR, so they can be CONFIDENT in their role.


Put your own mask on first. Breathe. Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Take care of the basics & reduce stress.


Who are you? What kind of a leader do you want to be? What are your goals and values?


Listen. Appreciate. Engage. Inspire. Be your authentic self and lead from the heart.

Leaders are not born – they are shaped by their education and experiences. Charismatic extroverts often end up in leadership roles by virtue of their personality, but often unknowingly lack the listening and following skills required to be a great leader. 

One of the largest costs businesses incur is due to staff turnover. Many people leave their jobs because of the people in charge. Whether it’s a business owner who hasn’t yet determined their company’s culture, colleagues who unintentionally dismiss others in meetings, or a junior supervisor over-exercising their new powers, often the people responsible don’t realize the effect their words and actions have on others. 

Learning to be a leader is a lifelong process (or practice), but we all have to start somewhere. I want to help our newest leaders become great leaders by showing them the power of authentically leading from their heart – because outside of our schools, that is where I believe the greatest impact can be made on the leaders of the future.



One-on-one or in a group, coaching is the best way I know to help you determine what's important to you, set goals around your vision of your future self, and define the actions that will get you there.



From online courses to in-person workshops, leadership skills courses can help new leaders, business owners, and anyone else who wants to grow as an individual or within a team.



Need help getting a team or group to find common ground and move forward together? A third-party facilitator can help open the lines of dialogue and get your business running smoothly.

Our Happy Clients!

Founder & Coach

James White

I’ve been in leadership and training roles for much of my career. However, it wasn’t until later in life that I received formal leadership education. Looking back, I realize that being promoted without this education resulted in my not always being the best leader to those around me, both at work and, more importantly, at home. 

I want to guide new leaders and help them develop the skills I wish I had when I was starting out. I’ve spent a large part of my career helping people overcome the barriers stopping them from having truly transformational life experiences – I look forward to doing the same for you.

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