Why "Life Well Led"?

The name Life Well Led came from my firm belief that the liberal use of leadership skills in everything we do is essential to living a full and happy life. Those skills are just as important around the dinner table as they are in the boardroom. And they’re most important when we apply them in the knowledge no one else is watching.

I want my obituary to say that I lived a “life well led”, and for that to mean that not only was I successful and happy, but that I “led my life well” – using leadership in service to others, to help them be all they could be.

About James

I am something of a nomad, and most definitely a lifelong learner. Born in the UK, I’ve lived on three different continents – so far! I thrive on the acquisition of new knowledge and new experiences. I’ve been an organizer, leader, and educator for more than twenty years, guiding groups and individuals—from a broad range of cultural backgrounds—to success in various activities, which were often both physically and mentally demanding. My favourite memories are from when I’ve been able to help others reach “ah-ha” moments in their development, be it under the water, in the air, in a classroom, on a Zoom call, or just chatting over a beer. 

I have been blessed to live a life full of diverse experiences. I’ve tended bar, served tables, and delivered pizza on a moped. I’ve been a radio DJ, and a mascot. I spent eight years in the Vancouver film industry as an Assistant Director. I took a year off to travel the world – and ended up living in Indonesia for 5 years!  I’m a qualified scuba diving instructor who’s certified hundreds of divers. I’m an Airline Transport rated commercial pilot and Class 2 flight instructor who’s trained many new and experienced pilots, and run a successful flight school. A few years ago I gained my Master of Arts in Leadership, inspiring me to use my experiences to give back and help new leaders as they navigate the dynamics of their world.

Along the way, I learned that a key component in preparing someone for a high-risk, high-responsibility role like an airline pilot or a divemaster, is in the honing of what used to be called their ‘soft skills’: situational awareness, interpersonal communication, empathy, body language, stress management, self leadership, and so on. My MA course confirmed for me in a quantifiable and scientific manner just how necessary these attributes are for people in ALL leadership roles. 

My Values

I believe it’s vitally important to live life guided by your values, and if you’re going to work with me, you should know what mine are.

First and foremost comes my family. I will drop anything and everything for them, and make no apology for it. You should too, in my opinion. Family will always be there with you from the day you’re born to the day you die (notwithstanding those with difficult family situations). Everyone else in your life comes and goes, especially co-workers and bosses! 

I believe the world can find peace and sustainability through honest, values-based, open, and engaging conversations; and through forward-thinking leadership with the ability to look at the world systematically from multiple perspectives. 

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