You get out what you put in, and James has done an excellent job of prompting me to contribute to my own success (Not an easy task). The check-in conversations are an opportunity to reflect on not only the goals ahead, but what has been accomplished to date. Not always obvious in the busy mix of life’s business.

Sean C, Calgary

Participants rave about my goal-setting workshops:

I really liked the break out group and also the way you’ve broken down the time frames in goal setting!!! Super!

I really enjoyed the presentation, I feel that it could have been longer perhaps 1.5 hours to cover the work to do and to be able to gather my thoughts and share in the breakout group as well. But overall engaging, and fun and got me motivated!

Thank you James, this was well presented and highly relevant for the audience.

Super info on breaking down the timelines and I liked the break-out group.

It’s never too late to make a change in your life!

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